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Energy Efficient Home Plans MA

You can save dollars on electric bills by having an energy efficient house design in MA. If you want to build an efficient home in MA, you can opt to enter the Mass Save® program. The program not only has offers and incentives for individuals with existing homes and businesses but also to those who still plan to have energy efficient homes.

You can find out if you are eligible for the MA Mass Save Programs for new home constructions by contacting Revise Inc. We are a subcontractor of the Mass Save program that aims to help residents have energy efficient homes and businesses.

We provide no-cost home energy assessment and energy saving installments in MA. We install Energy Star water-saving devices, programmable thermostats, and energy saving power strips at no cost.

Benefits of Having Energy Efficient Homes

There is a reason why the MA government and utility companies are encouraging residents to have energy efficient homes. Energy efficient home plans can be good for your future home in MA. Here are some reasons why you should have an energy efficient home:

  • Less Energy Cost

To build energy efficient homes in MA, the floor plans and home designs have a big impact on your energy savings. When your home has energy efficient house designs, it can maintain room temperature inside the house. This means lower energy consumption from your HVAC system, less air infiltration, and more.

  • More Comfortable Home Designs

Aside from saving on your electric bills, your home will be more comfortable. You will have better air circulation, the right room temperature, and balanced humidity levels. Energy efficient homes offer less cost and pollution, and a more relaxing home.

  • Environment-friendly Floor Plans

You will not only have a more cost-efficient and energy saving house, but you can also help the planet by releasing fewer greenhouse gases. Energy efficient homes give us a healthier environment in MA. Your efficient home will be a big help to your community and to the planet.

  • High Investment Returns

Your house is an investment. It is similar to buying an Energy Star appliance that can help you lower costs in the long run. Your energy savings will balance your expenses in time. Additionally, with incentives and rebates the government and Mass Save programs offer, you can have an efficient home for less.

  • Increased Resale Value

Compared to traditional buildings, homes with energy efficient house designs cost more in the market. If you decide to move, you can sell your MA home for a higher price.

How to Have Energy Efficient Homes

People choose to have an efficient home nowadays in MA. Gone are the days when people did not care about the environment and how too much energy consumption affected each of us. Many architects and interior designers create energy efficient house designs to help the planet and for MA residents’ energy savings.

If you want an energy efficient home in MA, it is a good idea to start from the home design. Here are some things you should consider to have energy efficient homes:

  • Energy Saving Construction Plans

For you to have an efficient home, you should include energy efficient house plans in the construction of your place. There are many energy saving ways and material you can use to have an efficient home in MA. Here are some things you can consider when building an efficient home:

  • Cool Roofs

These kinds of roofs have light-reflective material which prevents too much heat from entering your attics or homes. It also improves the comfort of rooms that do not have air conditioning, like garages and patios in your MA house.

  • Advanced House Framing

You will not only promote proper air circulation but also prevent heat penetrating the walls and windows of your homes. For instance, less lumber is used by replacing it with insulation to avoid wastage of wood while boosting energy savings

  • Room Orientation

When creating a room in your house consider the natural light it can get. For example, living and dining rooms can have sunlight the whole day if they are facing the south.

  • Continuous Insulation

Some homes install this as part of their energy efficient house plans. This insulation is continuous across different structural members using service openings and fasteners. This prevents condensation and air leakage in homes.

  • High Thermal Mass Materials

These materials have a high potential to absorb heat. Thus, it lessens the need of the MA home for cooling and heating. Using materials with high thermal mass helps maintain the temperature of your home.

  • Waterproof and Insulated Foundations

Using a high thermal mass of concrete for the slab foundation along with continuous insulation and waterproofing will avoid the infestation of pests and formation of molds and mildew. This will keep your MA home stronger, and it will help you have energy efficient homes by keeping your home dry and warm.

  • Energy Star Appliances

By using Energy Star appliances, you can have higher energy savings while still enjoying the home solutions they provide. These machines not only help you save money but also help you lessen your carbon footprint. There are already many appliances with Energy Star, like refrigerators, air conditioners, and more.

  • Smart Home Devices

Aside from installing having motion sensors can help you save a lot on your lighting’s energy consumption. It is best to install smart devices like these. A programmable thermostat is another one you should also have to lessen energy waste on cooling and heating.

The Whole-Building Approach

You can also opt for energy efficient house designs like the whole-building approach. It requires detailed planning. This idea involves the interaction of different factors that contribute to energy usage in the entire building to create energy efficient homes.

For you to implement this you would have to consider the local climate, site conditions, daylight and lighting, air sealing and insulation, appliances, windows, doors, and more. Each device or equipment is taken into account and contribute to the efficiency of the home or establishment.

Start Saving Energy

Revise Inc. can help you have an efficient home in MA. We provide no-cost home energy assessments and installments. Our energy managers will discuss energy efficient house plans and Mass Save programs that are suitable to your house.

Our company offers no-cost services as part of the Mass Save program such as installments of Energy Star water saving devices, energy saving power strips, and programmable thermostats.

We also have air sealing and insulation services that can help you save more on your utility bills. You will have less carbon emissions while having a comfortable home in MA. For more details, contact Revise today!

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