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& Air Sealing

What Are the Benefits?


Whether it’s a frigid floor or a steamy-hot room, insulation is the most effective solution for residential comfort issues. Spaces you may not tend to think of, such as the floor above your garage or a space behind your closet, are often under-insulated. These spaces become an easy passageway for those extreme outdoor temperatures to enter your home.

Insulation prevents extreme temperatures from infiltrating via conduction, but is useless when it comes to convection. (Need a 7th grade science refresher? Think of it as wearing a knitted sweater on a windy, winter day. The sweater is a great insulator but as soon as a great gust of wind blows the sweater is all but useless. By air sealing, in combination with insulation, we can add a wind breaker over that sweater and properly weatherize your home.


Take a look at your electric, gas, or oil bills from past years. Want to spend less? Thousands of dollars are wasted every year because our homes are not weatherized to today’s building standards. There’s a reason everyone is “going green”. Properly air sealing and insulating is the most cost-effective home improvement you can make in Massachusetts today. With various rebates and incentives offered by the Mass Save program, you and your home energy specialist can determine the most economic solutions for you and your home. The effect is palpable when you compare the next month, season, and year of your utility bills.


The average home weatherized through the Mass Save program reduces carbon emissions by approximately the equivalent of not burning 161 gallons of gasoline. That’s 8,000 miles if you’re driving a Prius! Start by meeting with a home energy specialist to evaluate your home’s performance.

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