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Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency with an Energy Home Assessment

All Massachusetts homeowners would love to save money on their home energy bills. They know that can do this by making their homes more energy efficient, but some don’t know how to get there. 

It all starts with a home energy assessment. This kind of home assessment from a company like Revise, Inc. can show you the changes you can make and the products to buy to make your home more energy efficien. The bonus is that there are plenty of savings available for making this investment if you purchase products that are recommended under Mass Save®. 


The Starting Point is the Free Mass Save® Home Energy Assessment

The entire process starts with a home energy assessment. Basically, it’s a home inspection combined with a home evaluation, but there are no judgments involved, and there’s no such thing as pass/fail. 

Instead, the idea is to inform you. Our home energy assessors want to tell you where your home could be more energy efficient, and they also want to recommend upgrades, products and procedures to help you improve. 


Starting the Energy Home Assessment Inspection: Air Leaks and Insulation

The assessment starts with a whole home inspection. The energy assessor will start by looking at the structure of your house to try to identify air leaks. 

These could be in any number of places—where your roof meets the walls, in your attic, and even in the walls. They’ll also check your foundation and basement, then tell you what you’ll need to do to fix these air leaks. The best part is that getting them fixed may even be free if you do it with an authorized Mass Save® contractor.


Get Home Energy Solutions and Save With Your Insulation

The insulation inspection is somewhat different. Here, energy assessors are looking to see if you have enough insulation, and if you have enough area coverage. They’re also checking to see if what you have is outdated. 

If your home insulation is actually insufficient, you could be fortunate, believe it or not. Mass Save® is offering serious discounts to upgrade your home insulation, and you may be surprised at how much money you save when you become more energy efficient with your insulation. 


Windows and Doors

Your windows and doors are next up on the inspection list. It’s quite common for homeowners to be losing energy efficiency in these areas, and our home energy assessors can tell you how much heat you’re losing in the winter, how much cool air is escaping during the summer, and how much it will cost you to fix the problem.

They can also help you out with upgrades. Triple pane windows will improve your energy efficiency considerably, and once again Mass Save® is offering serious upgrades to get them installed. You’ll even get a recommendation about which contractors and vendors you can use, and from there the choice is yours. 

Door insulation is almost as important as having tight windows that don’t leak air. The test that helps determine your door insulation is a blower door test, during which air is blown into your home to pressurize your house. This test reveals leaks throughout the house, and it will also tell you if you need new doors.  

That test will also reveal all kinds of energy upgrades that can help you, and once the energy efficiency of your door has been determined you’ll have your choice of Mass Save® contractors to perform the work. 



If you’ve ever paid attention to the correlation between your home energy bills and your appliance usage, you already have a rough idea of how much they cost you on a daily or monthly basis. You may think there’s nothing you can do about the money you’re spending, but appliance upgrades can save you a lot of money. 

This may not sound like a win-win because of the money you have to pay initially, but it definitely is. Mass Save® discounts and rebates will help cut the costs of upgraded appliances considerably, which is especially beneficial if you happen to have older appliances that were coming to the end of their life expectancy anyway. 


Furnace and Water Boiler

Now let’s get to the heart of the matter when it comes to home energy efficiency—your HVAC system. If you have a furnace or a boiler to heat your home, there are opportunities here for you to become more energy efficient.

Specifically, a Revise, Inc. home energy assessor can tell you whether you need to upgrade to improve your energy efficiency, and the assessor can tell you about upgrades and make product recommendations as well. 

The same applies to your boiler. You need to have an energy assessment of at least 90 percent for your furnace or boiler, unless they’re rated under the SEER system, in which case the minimum number is 16. 

That SEER number may also apply to your air conditioning unit, too, if you have central AC. Upgrades to this equipment also allow you to use newer coolants that are more beneficial to the environment. In addition, the older coolants for air conditioners have actually been banned, which is making them more expensive and harder to get, so you’re getting some extra savings there.


Heat Pumps

Finally, let’s talk about heat pumps. They represent the ultimate upgrade when it comes to home energy efficiency. Their energy efficiency is almost 300 percent in some instances, which can triple the efficiency of even the highest-rated furnaces and boilers. 

A home energy assessment will tell you if you need one, and an energy assessor from Revise, Inc. can tell you about the Mass Save® discounts that are available. They’re considerable, so it’s a possibility that’s well worth exploring. 


Upgrade Your Home Energy Efficiency With a Home Energy Assessment from Revise, Inc.

At Revise, Inc., we’re committed to doing everything we can to help make your home more energy efficient and educating you about your home and what you can do to maximize savings under Mass Save®. 

We’re proud to be a designated contractor under the Mass Save® program, and we’ve helped hundreds of customers save thousands of dollars while improving their energy efficiency. 

We make the process as simple as possible. Our home energy assessors are professionals who are extensively trained to evaluate your energy needs, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have or explain anything from the assessment. We want you to understand that it’s a lot easier to increase your savings than you think, and we can show you how to do it. 

To start the process, call us at 800-885-7283 (SAVE) or visit our website, We’ve got some great information about savings there, so it’s an excellent place to start if you’re curious and you want to get some background material about how to spend less while making your home more energy efficient.