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Home Energy Assessment MA

Light bulbs and HVAC systems are some of the most common appliances you use in your house every day. Your heating and cooling systems help to maintain your desired temperature inside your house, making it more comfortable to live in. The light bulb obviously spreads light to each room.

However, you may not notice that your HVAC unit and incandescent light bulb consumes a large percentage of your home’s energy, resulting higher electric bills. If you want to reduce your home’s energy consumption, simply turning the light off or decreasing the amount of time you use your HVAC may not be the right solution.

If you want your house to be energy-efficient, then you might want to consider having an home energy assessment. The residential assessment should be your first step in reducing your home’s energy bills.

What Is an HomeEnergy Assessment?

A Massachusetts home assessment will help you understand the factors that cause an increase in your home’s energy bill. They reveal which appliances and utilities waste your home’s energy, where you are losing much of your home’s energy, and which areas of your house should be fixed.

It is beneficial for the following reasons:

  • Helps You Conserve Your Home’s Energy
  •  Can Lower Your Electricity Bills
  • Decreases Your Carbon Footprint
  • Can Increase the Coziness of Your House
  • Adds Value to Your House

What to Expect During an Assessment?

It is important to be familiar with the process of a residential Home Energy Assessment before having an actual one in your Massachusetts house. Here are some of what you should expect in an assessment.

Assessment Auditor Interview

An auditor who will conduct the home energy assessment will visit your house. An interview will be conducted for the assessment auditor to be familiar with the structure of your house, materials used in different rooms, and your living pattern.

During the interview, the auditor should come up with a tailored plan to increase your home’s energy efficiency. The residential assessment auditor will also give you an estimate of how much you should expect in savings after the adjustments are made in your house.

Assessment Tests

The home energy assessment auditor will look for any visible issues in the interior and exterior of your house. Your crawlspace, basement, walls, ceilings, and floors will also be inspected for any presence of cracks, leakage, moisture problems, and ventilation issues.

Assessment Service Recommendations

After performing tests and inspections in different areas of your house, your assessment auditor will give recommendations on how to make your house more energy-efficient. There may be instances where the home energy assessment auditor will suggest additional insulation for walls, basement, or crawlspace.

Your assessment auditor will also evaluate your windows and exterior doors if you can upgrade them to solar. A professional home assessment auditor should also discuss with you the incentives and rebates you may get.

Overall, the process is estimated to last for about 2-3 hours. However, this will still depend on the size and structure of your house.

No-Cost Assessment in Mass

Massachusetts utility companies are offering a no-cost assessment for homes in MA under the Mass Save Program. Revise is one of the leading companies offering Mass Save Program for homes in Massachusetts helping residents find home energy solutions. If you wish to receive a no-cost Massachusetts home energy assessment, turn to Revise.

Revise No-Cost Home Assessment

With our partnership with Mass Save Program, our company can provide you no-cost home energy assessment services. Aside from no-cost assessment, they also include:

No-cost LED Light Bulbs

Incandescent light bulbs are the ones most commonly used in Massachusetts’ homes. This type of bulb consumes a greater amount of your home’s energy while an LED light bulb that uses only as low as 10 watts of your home’s energy.

In addition to this, LED light bulbs also last longer and shine brighter than incandescent bulbs. This allows you to conserve a large sum of money in the long run.

No-cost Programmable Thermostats

The purpose of using a programmable thermostat is to lower down your home’s energy use by using less electricity while you are away or sleeping. Programmable thermostats can be connected to Wi-Fi, phones, for better access. They can be pre-programmed as well for more convenient use.

No-cost Advanced Power Strips

Aside from your HVAC system and incandescent light bulbs, another factor that wastes your home’s energy is your appliances on standby mode. Shutting down your appliances after using them does not mean that you are saving electricity.

In fact, shutting down your appliances without unplugging those just puts them on standby mode. Although appliances in this state do not use much energy than when they are in use, the small amounts of home’s energy they consume can pile up and add to your bills.

Instead of unplugging your appliances one by one, power strips allow you to link your devices to a primary device. For instance, you can link your DVD players and gaming consoles on your TV. When not in use, you can just unplug your TV and all connected devices to it will shut down as well, allowing no power to flow.

No-cost Water-Saving Shower Heads

Showers use your home’s energy to heat water. By using low-flow showerheads, you can decrease your water consumption for up to 75%. As you reduce your water usage, you also lessen your home’s energy consumption.

Hire a Trusted and Affordable MA Assessments Service Provider To Help You Save

If you are looking for a home energy assessment service provider in Massachusetts, look no further than Revise. We pride ourselves with more than 100 years of building efficiency experience.

Our team of experts aims to turn homes into energy-efficient homes. In order to achieve this goal, we partnered with Mass Save Program to provide a no-cost house energy assessment service. Aside from this, we also offer insulation and air sealing services for homes in Massachusetts.

Start Saving Today!

If you have any inquiries about our home energy assessment services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We help people in Mass save home energy with our home energy assessment services. Call us today to book your no-cost home energy assessment.

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