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Best Home Energy Assessment Near Me

For Massachusetts homeowners seeking to upgrade their home energy efficiency, one of the key decisions they face is finding the right company to work with. There are a lot of savings and opportunities out there right now, but the quality of the companies doing home energy assessments varies considerably.

At Revise, Inc., the most common question we get is simple: How do I find the best home energy assessment near me?

Fortunately, there are a variety of services designed to steer you in the right direction when it comes to both geography and quality. Moreover, companies like Revise, Inc. that are licensed under Mass Save® are always a good choice, so let’s dive right in and figure out how to find the right home energy assessment company for you and your home. 


Use Mass Save® to Find the Best Home Energy Assessment Company Near Me

If you’re looking to maximize both your home energy efficiency and your savings, your search should start with Mass Save®.

Why? To get the savings, home energy assessment companies have to be licensed contractors under Mass Save®. If they’re not, you might find yourself buying products you think are eligible for discounts and savings, only to find they’re not covered by Mass Save®.

The other reason to go through Mass Save® is about quality. Companies like Revise, Inc. that are licensed contractors for Mass Save® go through an extensive vetting process, and the home energy assessors they send out to Massachusetts homes have to be rigorously trained. 

A typical home energy assessment needs to be comprehensive, and at Revise, Inc. our assessors know what to look for and how to perform the tests that are involved. 

Mass Save® can also help you with the convenience aspect. The program is designed for Massachusetts homeowners, so they can help you locate a great company near you.


The Steps You Need to Take to Get a Home Energy Assessment

To start the process, go to the Mass Save® website. Head to the “For Your Home” Section, or you can use the “Home Energy Assessment” page. 

When you do, it’s worth taking a look around. There’s plenty of information about the benefits of a home energy assessment, and once you’re familiar with the process you can go to the “Find a Contractor” link. 

That’s where you’ll find companies like Revise, Inc. Enter your zip code along with relevant home information, hit search and you’ll get a list. 

That list will also contain reviews of these contractors, and you can use those to narrow your search. Ratings will be provided as well, along with relevant information about specific services. 


Narrowing the Choices for Your Home Energy Audit

Once you’ve come up with a basic list, it’s time to make a couple of calls. You can check out the professionalism of each company, get an idea of how good their customer service is. You can also ask about the specific services they offer. 

You’ll also find out if it is difficult to schedule a home energy assessment with each company, and you can mention any specific needs you may have. 


Home Energy Audits are an Energy Checkup

When you do this, be sure to ask some questions about the home energy assessment itself. Ask about how the inspection works, what information you’ll get, and what discounts and rebates will be available. 

The answers you get will tell you a lot about which company is the best choice for you. You want to find a company that puts your needs first, and stay away from companies that try to upsell you on expensive home energy efficiency products.

Some of the products and services you can get through Mass Save® are either inexpensive or free, but the savings you’ll get can be substantial. 


Other Benefits of Using Mass Save® to Find a Great Home Energy Assessment Company

Basic professional qualifications aside, there are other reasons to go through Mass Save® to find the right company.


Other Sources to Increase Your Home Energy Efficiency

One of the best resources to increase your home energy efficiency is the Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET), which offers a directory of professional home energy assessors near you.

These home energy assessors are licensed and certified, so you know you’ll be getting a high-quality professional to come to your home and help you become more energy efficient and save money in the process. 

RESNET also contains a home energy rating system index that’s actually a numerical score. If you do get a recommendation from RESNET, though, make sure the company you choose is also qualified and licensed under Mass Save®. 


Appliance Upgrade Customers Love Energy Star

Energy Star is the company that rates home appliances, so their recommendations can definitely be useful. The products they rate are tested to make sure they’re energy efficient, which means you’re getting the best on the market in this category.  


Use Home Services Companies that Emphasize Safety

While they may not be as useful in your search, home service companies like Angi (formerly Angie’s List) and Home Advisor can also be useful as well. 

You can also use customer reviews from Yelp and Google, which can help you cross reference the information and impressions you get from other reviews. 


Upgrade Your Insulation IQ and Become More Home Energy Efficient with Revise, Inc.

At Revise, Inc., we’re committed to doing everything we can to help make your At Revise, Inc., we’re committed to doing everything we can to help make your home more energy efficient and educating you about your home and what you can do to maximize savings under Mass Save®. 

We’re proud to be a designated contractor under the Mass Save® program, and we’ve helped hundreds of customers save thousands of dollars while improving their energy efficiency. 

We make the process as simple as possible. Our home energy assessors are professionals who are extensively trained to evaluate your energy needs, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have or explain anything from the assessment. We want you to understand that it’s a lot easier to increase your savings than you think, and we can show you how to do it. 

To start the process, call us at 800-885-7283 (SAVE) or visit our website, We’ve got some great information about savings there, so it’s an excellent place to start if you’re curious and you want to get some background material about how to spend less while making your home more energy efficient.