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Your home’s insulation controls the temperature of your house to give you comfort during the cold or hot season. However, for it to work properly, your insulation also needs home insulation services like repairs or replacements. This is because insulations can be damaged by pests, water leaks, and many other factors. Consider the help of insulation companies such as Revise Inc. for your insulation service.

Signs That You Need Home Insulation Services

There are plenty of benefits you can receive from having good insulation such as reduced energy bills. This is why you should make sure that your home’s insulation is always in good condition.

You should be able to determine if you need home insulation services from trusted insulation companies like Revise Inc. Here are the signs that mean you need home insulation services:

  • High Energy Bills

Your home’s insulation is supposed to help keep the temperature of your house at a comfortable level. The heating, ventilation, and air conditioning or HVAC unit will not have to work hard to keep your house warm during winter and cold during summer. This results in lower energy bills.

If your home is not insulated or you have poor insulation, your energy bills will likely increase. You need to consider attic insulation services as the attic and crawl spaces areas of your home are often the entryway of outdoor weather temperatures.

  • Uneven Temperatures

Your home’s temperature of should be even or consistent throughout the rooms in your house. If you notice that your kitchen’s temperature is warmer than the temperature of your bedroom or living room, this can be a sign that your home is poorly insulated.

Fluctuating indoor temperatures may also be caused by a broken or damaged HVAC system. Try to inspect your HVAC unit first, but if you do not see any problem with it, your home’s insulation must really be the problem. Insulation companies in Massachusetts, such as Revise Inc. can help you with this problem.

  • Drafts or Air Leaks

If your home’s insulation is not working properly, it can allow drafts to enter your house. These drafts can infiltrate the house, causing you to have uncomfortable indoor temperatures. Even if your HVAC system is perfectly running, drafts can still affect your home’s temperature.

When drafts occur, it may mean that there are open cracks in your walls, doors, or windows. You can simply repair or fix these cracks so your insulation and HVAC unit can do their job properly. These drafts may also cause you to have high energy bills since your HVAC system will have to work harder than it normally does.

  • Water Leaks

If you find water leaking in your attic, especially during winter or rainy seasons, your insulation may be damaged. Fiberglass insulation can become damp or moist due to water leaks. As a result, your insulation may collapse, and its performance will be reduced.

You can replace the fiberglass to fix this problem, but it may be wiser to ask for the help of insulation companies instead. In addition, water leaks can also damage your other properties, and mold can grow on your insulation.

Mold can be dangerous as they can cause skin, eye, and throat irritations. They can also cause nasal stuffiness and coughing. If any member of your family has chronic lung illnesses, he or she can get serious infections in his or her lungs because of exposure to mold.

  • Cold Walls, Floors, and Ceilings

Your interior walls, floors, and ceilings should be warm and dry during the winter season. Touch these parts of your house, and check if they are cold or damp. If you notice that they are cold, it means that your home’s insulation is not enough, so you need to add more. Multi-foil and glass wool insulation can be a good choice when you plan to add more insulation to your house.

  • Pest Infestation

Aside from improving the temperature of your house, your insulation, as well as your HVAC system, also helps in keeping pests out. If you notice any sign of pest infestation in your home, this can be a sign that your insulation is not working properly.

Pests like rodents can also damage your insulation by chewing on it. Foam and fiberglass insulation can be easily gnawed on. Your insulation may not work properly because of this.

In addition, pests can also be dangerous to your health. They can carry diseases, parasites, viruses, and bacteria that can be spread in your house through their droppings.

  • Ice Issues

During the winter season, your house will have plenty of snow on the roof because no heat is melting it. However, if your roof is poorly insulated, heat may escape and melt the snow.

The melted snow can create ice dams on your roof or gutters. As a result, some of your properties can be damaged, and you may have to spend on expensive roof repairs or replacements.

In addition, uninsulated water pipes may also cause them to burst on cold weathers. The water may freeze, causing pipes to burst. As a result, you might need to call a plumber for repairs. To avoid this problem, make sure to call insulation companies such as Revise Inc. for home insulation services.

  • Old Age

Home insulations can last for a long time. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, home insulation can last up to 100 years depending on its type.

Check your property’s history and try to determine how long the insulation is. If you are sure that your insulation has reached the end of its lifespan, consult with insulation companies for an insulation service.

  • Noise

Your home’s insulation helps reduce noises coming from inside your house to leak out into the street and vise-versa. If your neighbors are frequently complaining about noise coming from your house or if you are having a hard time sleeping because of noise coming from the outside, your insulation may not be working properly.

Not all types of insulation, however, are good in reducing noises. Reflective insulation can insulate your home but does not serve as a sound barrier at all. Fiberglass, cellulose, and foam insulation are excellent choices if you want soundproofing insulation. You can ask insulation contractors to install these types of insulation for your home to ensure that you will not have problems with noises.

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If your home needs home insulation services, consider Revise Inc. as we can provide you with quality services. We have been in this business for a long time, so we definitely know what to do with your home’s insulation.

As proof of our dedication to our job, we have been certified by the Building Performance Institute Inc. (BPI). Contact us to learn more about our home insulation services!

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