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Mass Save Energy Programs

Your home will become as energy efficient as it can be through an energy assessment from Revise Inc. We will assess the energy saving potential of your house to let you have the most suitable program in Massachusetts.

Aside from helping you choose the right Mass Save® program, our company can also install energy saving power strips which can help you in saving energy. We also have insulation and air sealing services for your place. As a subcontractor of the Mass Save program, we give quality inspections and weatherization work for Massachusetts residents. 

What Is the Mass Save Energy Program?

The Mass Save program is a collaboration of electric utilities and your energy providers. It is a campaign for residents of Massachusetts to have energy-efficient homes. The energy save initiative works closely with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources. The energy program provides services, training, incentives, and information about energy use and its costs.

Power Saving Mass Save Energy Programs for Different Homes and Establishments

Your energy advisors will discuss the energy conserving potential of your place in Massachusetts. Programs vary depending on the type of home you have.

To give you an idea of how energy assessments are done for Massachusetts houses and the possible incentives and offers, here are categories of clients, their no-cost assessments, and their incentives:

  • For Homeowners (1-4 Units)

Energy saving assessments for homeowners in Massachusetts with a single-family detached unit can include installation of some energy conserving items.

  • Low-flow showerheads will be installed in your Massachusetts home to lessen water consumption and the use of a water heater.
  • Programmable thermostats/discounted wireless thermostats will be placed to lessen electric usage when you are away from your MA home.
  • Faucet aerators are also good for energy saving because it helps you conserve water.

Rebates, offers, and incentives are based on your program. However, here are some incentives and rebates you might have, such as:

  • Program rebates on cooling, heating, and water heating equipment.
  • No-cost sealing of leaky areas in your house.
  • Discounts on approved insulation projects in your home. You may also be a candidate for higher discounts based on your income.
  • The chance to apply for zero percent HEAT Loan financing for qualified Massachusetts residents.
  • For Renters (1-4 Units)

MA renters have the same potential benefit, no-cost installations as homeowners for their energy assessments. There will be a custom check for MA renters to evaluate your living space.

However, they can have different incentives and rebates when the whole building has an energy assessment. Landlords and property managers can be eligible for bigger benefits.

  • For Landlords (1-4 Units)

Property owners also have the same possible no-cost, low-flow showerheads, faucet aerators, advanced power strips, and programmable thermostats or discounted wireless thermostats.

The energy assessment will determine their qualification for rebates and incentives for their property in MA, as well. Here are the possible incentives and rebates for landlords or property managers:

  • No- cost air sealing of the areas of the building
  • Big discounts for 2-4 buildings on recommended insulation for each unit, if the energy conserving assessment is done on all eligible rooms/houses
  • Discounts for one-unit buildings on insulation improvements for occupied units
  • Rebates on cooling, heating, and water heating equipment
  • Better rebates for eligible refrigerator and clothes water replacements
  • The chance to sign up for the zero percent Mass Save HEAT Loan.

Choose Revise And Save

If you are a homeowner, a renter, or a property manager in MA, this is your chance to have a no-cost energy assessment for your home. Trust Revise Inc. to help you get the most out of the programs.

Our company is a reliable Mass save program subcontractor. Your health and safety are important to us so we also check for hazardous substances and other issues in your residence.

If your house in MA needs insulation and air sealing, we can handle that with proven expertise. We will install energy conserving power strips and more in your home. Maximize the energy save potential of your home. For more details about these programs, contact us! Terms and Conditions apply.

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