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The Mass Save Loan Program Can Maximize Your Home’s Energy Efficiency


If you’re a Massachusetts homeowner, you probably want to make your home as energy efficient as possible. It’s the best way to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, and you’ll save money by meeting whatever home energy efficiency goals you set. You’ll also be helping the environment by reducing our collective reliance on fossil fuels, so it’s a win-win all around. 

It takes money to do this, and that’s where the Mass Save® loan program enters the picture. The Mass Save® loan program can give you the cash you need to maximize your energy efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at how the process works and what you have to do to become more energy efficient. 


The Mass Save® Loan Program Starts With a Home Energy Assessment

To get the loan process started, you need to schedule a home energy assessment from an approved Mass Save® contractor like Revise, Inc. These assessments are free, and they’re extremely valuable. 

Why? They tell you how energy efficient your home is prior to making any upgrades. Your home energy assessor will do things like identify air leaks in your home, evaluate your insulation and look at your heating and cooling system along with your appliances to help you see where you’re measuring up and falling short. 

All of that information is part of an energy efficiency report you’ll get once the assessment is completed, and the report will also include recommendations that will help you maximize your home’s energy efficiency. 

Once you’ve had a chance to look the report over, you can discuss those recommendations with your home energy assessor and choose the upgrades and purchases you want to improve and maximize your energy efficiency. 

You can borrow as much as $25,000 if you get qualified for that amount, which will give you lots of flexibility when it comes to selecting the right purchases. 


Specific Upgrades: Maximize Your Energy Efficiency with a Heat Pump

When it comes to home energy efficiency, getting a heat pump is a top-of-the-line upgrade. Heat pumps offer an energy efficiency of up to 300 percent, which is at least three times the energy efficiency of your home heating and cooling system if you don’t already have a heat pump. 

Heat pumps are also great for summer cooling. Many people don’t realize this, but when they’re cooling your home, heat pumps work by extracting the heat from the summer air from your home, then cooling it further to whatever temperature you select. 

It might seem expensive to get that kind of energy efficiency, but that’s actually not the case at all. A Mass Save® loan is zero-percent financing, and the program also offers rebates of up to $15,000 when you purchase a heat pump. 


Use a Mass Save® Loan to Upgrade Your Appliances

If you have older appliances like washers, dryers and refrigerators, they’re costing you money when it comes to the home energy efficiency of your home. 

That’s because the newer versions of these familiar appliances are far more energy efficient, which makes it an easy decision to do an upgrade. You can use the money from your Mass Save® loan to fund your purchase, and the Mass Save® program also includes discounts on these appliances as well. 


Upgrade Your Furnace or Boiler with a Mass Save® Loan

Another way you can significantly increase your home’s energy efficiency is by upgrading your furnace or boiler. You may not get the same kind of savings you can get with a heat pump, but most of today’s modern furnaces and boilers have an energy rating of over 90 percent, which is far more efficient than older versions of this equipment. 

You can get serious discounts from Mass Save®, too. The more you buy the more you’ll save, and you can use the money from your Mass Save® loan to take care of the upfront cost. 


Don’t Forget About the Less Expensive Heat Upgrades 

It’s easy to focus on the larger items when you get your home energy assessment report, but this would be a mistake. Items like insulation and upgraded windows and doors can all contribute to your home’s energy efficiency, and many of these items don’t cost much at all. 


Financing, Checking Accounts and Private Banking

Many homeowners don’t understand exactly how the process of getting a Mass Save® loan works, and this prevents them from taking advantage of the savings they can get. 

Fortunately, the financial part of the process isn’t difficult. It starts during your home energy assessment, when representatives from companies like Revise, Inc. can help you determine your eligibility, along with what you’ll need to make the necessary upgrades. 

Once you’ve done that, Revise, Inc. can also pinpoint the amount you need, and we’ll help you through the paperwork as well. 

Making sure that paperwork is error-free can speed up the process, and once it’s done you can submit it to the appropriate bank or credit union for approval. 

Believe it or not, you don’t actually need a checking account or a business account to do this. What you do need is a utility account with an approved Massachusetts provider, which most homeowners have anyway. 

Once your loan is approved, your bank or credit union may ask you to set up a business account to use to make payments. You’ll also be able to track your payments via your utility bill, which will allow you to stay on top of your savings as well. 


Use Revise, Inc. Learn How to Heat Your Home More Efficiently With a Mass Save® Heat Loan

At Revise, Inc., we’re committed to doing everything we can to help make your home more energy efficient and educating you about your home and what you can do to maximize savings under Mass Save®. 

We’re proud to be a designated contractor under the Mass Save® program, and we’ve helped hundreds of customers save thousands of dollars while improving their energy efficiency. 

We make the process as simple as possible. Our home energy assessors are professionals who are extensively trained to evaluate your energy needs, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have or explain anything from the assessment. We want you to understand that it’s a lot easier to increase your savings than you think, and we can show you how to do it. 

To start the process, call us at 800-885-7283 (SAVE) or visit our website, We’ve got some great information about savings there, so it’s an excellent place to start if you’re curious and you want to get some background material about how to spend less while making your home more energy efficient.