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Revise specializing in home performance contracting:

Spray Foam

SprayFoam can create a barrier that reduces heat transfer and prevents air infiltration through cracks and gaps, resulting in improved energy efficiency and comfort.

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    Spray Foam

    Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a highly versatile spray-applied plastic used for insulation and sealing in buildings. When applied, SPF creates a barrier that reduces heat transfer and prevents air infiltration through cracks and gaps, resulting in improved energy efficiency and comfort.

    At Revise, Inc., we specialize in home performance contracting and offer a range of services including spray foam insulation. Our expertise lies in maximizing the performance of SPF products in various areas of your home or building.

    spraying foam insulation

    By utilizing our services, you can benefit from the following advantages:


    Effective Air Barrier:

    Spray foam forms a robust air barrier, preventing the entry of external air and limiting drafts within your home or building. This feature enhances overall comfort by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the year.

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    Continuous Insulation:

    Our spray foam products provide continuous insulation, ensuring that there are no gaps or weak points that compromise energy efficiency. This seamless insulation system contributes to lower energy costs and meets or exceeds stringent building code requirements.

    Moisture Barrier:

    Spray foam acts as a barrier against moisture, protecting your building envelope from potential damage. By preventing moisture infiltration, it helps maintain the structural integrity of your home or building.

    Spray foam insulation finds applications in various areas, including:

    • Attic Insulation
    • Crawlspace Insulation
    • Wall, Ceiling, and Basement Insulation
    • Roofing Insulation
    • Exterior Insulation
    • Sealing Gaps and Cracks
    spraying in foam insulation within the framing of a wall, Revise Inc

    Comfortable Spaces

    Regardless of whether it’s a residential or commercial property, building owners are increasingly concerned about energy efficiency and performance. By choosing Revise, Inc. as your home performance contractor, you can provide long-term value to your customers. Our spray foam solutions enhance energy reductions, improve the overall quality of the building, and create comfortable, draft-free spaces.

    When considering the performance of spray foam insulation, it’s essential to look beyond the R-value*. Spray foam serves not only as insulation but also as an air barrier and vapor retarder. These additional properties further enhance its energy performance and contribute to overall building efficiency.

    Different types of spray foam offer unique benefits, and their performance properties are as follows:

    Low Density or Open Cell Spray Foam Medium Density or Closed Cell Spray Foam Closed Cell Roofing Spray Foam
    Thermal Performance: R-Value* Starting at 3.6 per inch Starting at 5.7 per inch Starting at 5.5 per inch
    2x4 Cavity: Full Fill R13 R20 Not used for interior application
    Air Barrier / Sealant
    Vapor Retarder: Class II rating

    Remember, R-value alone doesn’t fully represent the benefits of spray foam insulation. The ability to form an air barrier without additional products is a significant advantage. Proper air sealing, combined with maximizing the R-value, significantly improves energy performance.

    Spray foam also acts as an air barrier, resisting airflow between conditioned and unconditioned spaces. This property not only enhances insulation performance but also improves indoor air quality by preventing the entry of allergens, dust, and insects through cracks and crevices.
    Closed cell spray foam, in particular, often qualifies as a Class II vapor retarder, preventing the easy passage of moisture through the material. By controlling moisture movement, you can avoid issues like mold growth, which can affect the performance and service life of your building materials.

    For more information on R-values and overall building performance, consult Revise, Inc. We can provide detailed insights and guidance to ensure you make informed decisions regarding insulation and home performance.

    *R-value measures a material’s resistance

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