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Energy Savings Program MA

The government of Massachusetts is doing its best to help businesses and homeowners have more energy efficient homes and structures. As a solution to continuously rising electric bills and increasing carbon footprints, the state has implemented various energy savings programs.

Energy Efficiency Programs in Massachusetts

With the efforts to reduce the carbon footprints in MA, the government, together with other sponsors, has designed energy savings programs that can help all residents and businesses in MA become more energy efficient. Some of the programs backed by the government are:

  • Mass Save® Program

This energy conservation program offers a no-cost home energy assessment for both residential and commercial spaces in MA. During the customized home assessment, your auditor will inspect your house and search for any sources of energy waste.

You will be educated on how to manage your energy usage and tips to have a more energy efficient home will also be provided. With Mass Save, you can receive various services, incentives and rebates that can help you in saving energy.

  • Mass Save Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT) Loan Program and Home Market Value Performance Pilot (MVP) Programs

If you are thinking of revamping your house but do not want to apply for a mortgage with a high interest rate, these programs can help. These loan programs have zero interest rates for your house improvement financial needs through Main Street Bank.

  • Solar Massachusetts Renewable Target (SMART) Program

To encourage residents in MA to use renewable resources, the Department of Energy has created the SMART program. With this, residents who are investing in solar panel systems will receive incentives. They can also receive payments for the excess energy they produce.

These are just some of the various energy savings programs the government of MA and DOER has created. There is still other energy savings programs like Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, Weatherization Assistance Program, and more.

Benefits Included in an Energy Conservation Program

An energy conservation program in MA comes with a lot of perks for both commercial buildings and residential homes, including:

  • Making your house energy efficient does not only help you save money in the long run, but it also reduces your carbon footprint, which is a great help for the environment.
  • With an energy conservation program in MA, you can qualify for energy efficiency rebates and incentives.
  • An energy efficiency program in MA has various that you can use to make your house more energy efficient.
  • An energy conservation program in MA can make your home more comfortable to live in.
  • An energy efficiency program in MA increases your property’s value.

Who Are Eligible for Energy Savings Programs in MA?

A wide range of energy efficiency programs is available for everyone in MA. Homeowners, renters, landlords, and even businesses can be qualified depending on which energy program best meets their needs.

To find out which energy efficiency programs will work best for you, an home energy assessment for your place should be conducted first. From here, you will also learn which incentives, rebates, and energy savings programs you may receive.

How to Go Green in MA?

The energy efficiency programs offer rebates, incentives, discounts for homeowners and businesses who are revamping their spaces to become more energy efficient. Some homeowners and businesses are taking the following steps in going green:

  • Switching to Renewable Energy Resources
  • Encapsulating Crawlspaces
  • Insulating Walls, Floors, Roofs, Attics, and Ceilings
  • Waterproofing Basements and Other Areas of the Structure
  • Using Energy Saving Appliances

Going green in MA is not as stressful and costly as you think. You can start saving energy by contacting Revise Inc. to conduct a no-cost home assessment in your house.

Start Saving Energy With No-Cost Assessment for Your House in MA

Once you have contacted Revise Inc., an energy saving auditor will visit your house for a home assessment. Your auditor will determine how energy efficient your home is by checking on:

  • Your HVAC System and How Often You Use Them
  • Your Walls If They Are Properly Insulated
  • Your Doors, Windows, and Walls for Any Air Leakage
  • Your Appliances If They Are Energy Efficient
  • Your Basement or Crawlspace If There Are Leaks, Mold, or Cracks

From here your auditor will advise you on what measures to take to make your property more energy efficient. A customized evaluation document will also be provided together with some energy saving tips. The home auditor will also discuss the incentives and rebates you may get with your home improvements with you.

Go Green With Revise Inc.

Take advantage of the rebates, incentives and other benefits you can get from Mass Save Program! Start saving energy by turning to Revise Inc. Give us a call to schedule your no-cost home energy assessment.

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