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It’s the time of the year where lists are everywhere: shopping lists, errand lists, wish lists. So we thought it was the perfect time to share a wish list for an energy-efficient home this holiday season. With a few small tweaks, you can have a safe, happy and warm holiday season and still save on your energy use.

1. LED holiday lights and add timers

Whether you’re a big show stopping house or just love a few lights on your front steps, Switching to LED bulbs is one big way to save. Using LED light bulbs, as opposed to incandescent lights, can also help to lessen your energy usage by 75 percent* (when compared to incandescent lights) and last longer—saving both your money and the life of your decorations.

Then add a timer to schedule the lights during certain times. You can do the same for indoor lights on mantles and trees or candles. Choosing set times that your decorations are on, like only at dusk or having them automatically turn off at bedtime can considerably lessen the amount of energy your decorations use.

2. Advanced power strips

Power strips are a holiday must have. Whether you’re baking, decorating or just watching holiday movies, you could save by using an advanced power strip (like the ones we provide to our customers through the Mass Save® program) They will help lower your energy use by automatically turning off power to appliances and decorations not in use.

3. Smart light bulbs or LED bulbs

The holidays are full of entertaining, late-night preparation and more. If you haven’t already switched your indoor lights to LED or smart light bulbs, it’s the perfect time to make the switch. You can use smart bulbs on a schedule or to help visitors who might accidentally leave lights on (it’s hard enough to remember when you live there). And smart bulbs have come a long way with plenty of options for warmer tones. LED light bulbs can drop your energy use by up to 75% compared to traditional lighting. You can even qualify for discounts on these easy upgrades.

4. Smart thermostat

Every family has their own thermostat settings. Some like it cold. Some wait until a certain date to turn it on. Others crank it up as soon as the weather gets a little chilly.

But when you buy and install a smart thermostat, you can simply set it and forget it. Not to mention they’ve gotten so good they can anticipate your arrival home and heat up your home minutes before you lug in those groceries. Plus, you could qualify for rebates to cover the cost of this upgrade.

5. Warm blankets + cozy socks

Who doesn’t love a new, warm cozy blanket? And when you stock your house full, you can save on energy and make everything look festive at the same time. Consider displaying blankets in a basket in your living room to encourage your family and friends to cuddle up. Or welcome guests with a small gift of fuzzy socks. They will love the thoughtful touch and you’ll love not turning up the thermostat.

Whatever your holiday traditions, this list is a good place to start making saving energy a tradition all its own. And if you’re not a DIYer, don’t worry, we can help. Just start by calling Revise. We’ll tell you the biggest places to save and can even take a few things off your shopping list with rebates and no-cost energy-saving products. Call us at 855-308-6898 and schedule an appointment with our energy professionals in time for the holidays.