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All of us want to save on our electric bills but we do not know exactly how to do it. Sometimes, we wonder why there is still an increase in our electric bill when we feel like we have not used much of MA energy. If we want to lower electricity bills, we have to decrease our MA energy consumption by using energy saving products.

You can decrease the amount of your energy bills by reaching out to Revise Inc. We will assess the energy-saving potential of your home. Following this, you and our MA energy manager will discuss Mass Save® benefits and incentives that you can get. To help decrease your energy bills further, we can also install insulation, energy saving power strips, water-saving devices, and programmable thermostats.

Tips to Lower Massachusetts Electricity Bills

In our society, the amount that we pay for electric bills keeps increasing because of the cost of producing energy. You can use energy-efficient appliances. However, if you have well-maintained machines at home, you can help decrease the cost of your energy bills through simple but effective tips. To help decrease the cost of your electric bill, here are ways to lower electricity consumption:

  • Remove the plug of all electronics from the sockets when not in use or when you leave the house. This practice lessens vampire power, which is when devices consume MA energy while they are on standby. By unplugging appliances, you will have a lower energy consumption, which means a decrease in the cost of electrical bills.
  • Use a power strip to make it easier to lessen standby or vampire power. By doing this, you no longer have to unplug each appliance. You can simply turn the power strip off and the device will no longer consume MA electric. It saves MA energy and is convenient to use.
  • Turn the lights off. This is simple but tends to be neglected. It not only helps lower electricity but also lessens the heat inside the house. To lower energy consumption, you should also consider turning your porch light off or using a timer to shut it off.
  • Replace incandescent lights to have lower energy bills. They last longer than traditional lighting. Aside from that, they also consume less MA energy which helps decrease the cost of electricity bills.
  • Install dimmer light bulbs in your house. This can reduce the use of MA energy in the house. You can adjust it to set the mood in a room or to lower energy consumption.
  • Use solar lighting outdoors. This helps you save on your monthly electric bills because you can still have proper lighting outside your home without using MA electric.
  • Wash your clothes using cold water. This way your water heater would not need to use MA electric to heat the water for laundry use.
  • Lessen the use of the clothes dryer to lower energy consumption. You can wash and hang your clothes outside during sunny days in Massachusetts. Electric dryers not only use MA energy but also produces heat which contributes to your house’s tonnage that the air conditioner also needs to address.
  • Cut back on using your iron. When you use it, you use more than 800 watts of MA energy. With daily use, the accumulated amount of MA energy will take a toll on your electric bills.
  • Avoid using TV too often. The television uses MA energy and also adds heat to the house. You can try doing activities that does not use MA electric like bonding with your kids or friends.
  • Have regular HVAC maintenance. According to studies, air conditioning and heating systems use the most MA electric in homes. That is why making sure your unit works well and uses MA energy efficiently saves you from having hefty electric bills.
  • Replace HVAC filters to decrease MA electricity consumption. When you have clean filters, the HVAC system will not use too much MA energy to supply the needed air in your home. Changing filters regularly is necessary to avoid an increase in electric bills.
  • Use electric fans to lower electricity usage. Contrary to popular belief, using the fan while your AC is switched on actually helps lessen MA energy use and lets the cold air circulate in the room. This cools the room faster and lessens the strain on the system. The added MA energy consumption is less compared to when the air conditioner exerts more effort.
  • Install a programmable thermostat and set it according to your routine to lower your electric bills. This will consume less MA energy because you can program it for when you are not at home. You can also keep the temperature steady to avoid paying higher electric bills.
  • Open windows in the morning not only to lower energy consumption but also to let cool, fresh air in. This lessens the stuffy feeling inside your house in Massachusetts. Reduce the use of your HVAC system to decrease MA electric usage.
  • Block the sunlight. To prevent heat from getting inside the house, using blinds or curtains is advisable. You can maintain the temperature in the room when you do this, which means your AC unit does not need to use more MA energy.
  • Use heat-generating devices at night to lower electricity usage. This lessens pressure on your air conditioner which will also lower energy consumption. When you use MA electric in the daytime, the heat of the sun and of the electrical appliances add to the tonnage. More heat means higher electric bills.
  • Lessen the usage of microwave in Massachusetts to reduce MA energy consumption. It takes a lot of MA energy for a microwave to function. Thawing food naturally before cooking rather than defrosting using the microwave can help you lower electricity usage.
  • Wash the dishes by hand to avoid using MA energy too much. It does not hurt to get your hands wet for a few minutes to lower energy consumption.
  • Air dry your washed plates and utensils at your home in Massachusetts to reduce the use of MA electricity. You can leave the platters in a dish rack.
  • Lower the temperature of your heater to save MA electricity. By setting it under 140 degrees, you can cut back on MA energy consumption. In winter, you can use thick blankets to keep you warm instead of turning up the temperature.
  • Try a water heater timer to lessen the use of MA energy. Using the water heater all day consumes a lot of MA energy, which results in hefty energy bills. Set the heating timer to when you are at home or when you actually use it to lower electricity usage.
  • Insulate your home and your water heater to prevent unnecessary MA energy consumption. Heat loss will keep your heater and AC unit running more than it has to. Getting proper insulation to keep the temperature in your house balanced is a great idea to lessen MA energy usage.

Approach Revise Inc. for Massachusetts Electric Conservation

If you need extra help in lowering your energy bills in Massachusetts, electric partners can help you have cheaper electric bills. Revise Inc. can be your companion in having lesser energy consumption. We will handle your home energy assessment, and we will communicate with our partner companies who can help you have lower energy bills.

We can install insulation in your house to make it comfortable and energy efficient. You can spend less on your energy bills in the coming years if you have proper insulation. We can also help you lessen carbon emissions through the Mass Save® Energy Programs. To save more on your electricity bills, contact us today!

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