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It is no secret that winters in New England can be extreme. According to Weather Spark, the coldest months in Massachusetts are January and February. To prepare for the frigid temperatures, it is vital to unpack your winter wardrobe and ensure your home is ready to endure cold temperatures. Here are four tips to get your home ready for New England winter.

Clean your gutters

New England is known for its beautiful fall foliage from September to around November. While it is a one of a kind sight to see, once the leaves fall, it can be a mess for homeowners to clean up. While rakes and leaf blowers are helpful cleanup tools, it is important not to forget to clean your home’s gutters. If leaves and debris are left in drainage pipes, rain and snow will accumulate, weighing down and clogging the gutters.

Turn off outdoor faucets

A water line burst, one of homeowner’s worst nightmares. Freezing temperatures can be a danger to homes if the water freezes to a point where the pipe bursts, causing immense damage. To prevent this from happening, remove your hoses from outdoor faucets and let them drain until completely empty. Doing so will help prevent a waterline burst during colder months.

Fill cracks and windows

Winter comes with winter wind. If your windows are not properly sealed, this can cause unbearable drafting and skyrocket your heating bill. Going through all your windows and re-caulking them will help seal any holes that might cause wind or cold gusts from coming into your home, which will help save your heating bill.

Complete a Mass Save® No-Cost Home Energy Assessment through Revise

Let trained professionals do a no-cost home energy assessment. During the assessment, you will get an energy report, access to rebates and incentives like no-cost air sealing of air leaks, 0% financing on qualifying improvements, and generous rebates on high-efficiency heating, cooling, and water heating equipment.

We want to help you and your families stay warm this winter. Cleaning your gutters, turning off outdoor faucets, filling cracks in windows, and completing a Mass Save Home Energy Assessment through Revise are just a few ways to help you ensure your home is ready for winter. Visit our website for more information about your Mass Save Home Energy Assessment through Revise.