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With Valentine’s Day coming up this month on the 14th, there are so many different ways to celebrate with your partner, while still being able to save big on your energy. Upgrading your home and installing smart technology won’t only make your life easier, but can also let you focus on the bigger things in life, including your partner. See how the benefits of a smart home (more specifically, a smart thermostat) can help in  making your home more energy efficient significantly easier.

Schedule Your Temperature- Cuddle with your Valentine Instead

With a smart thermostat, homeowners are able to schedule set times to heat and cool their home. Some smart thermostats are even able to keep track of your family’s energy usage/motion patterns, and can heat your home simply through memory, or through recognizing seasonal changes. By getting rid of the need for day-to-day thermostat changes, you can forget about the stress of turning up and down your heat during these cold winter months, and even as the season begins to change. Even better– turning down your home’s thermostat will also help to save up to 15 percent on your energy bill if you turn it down 10-15 degrees at night (according to the U.S. Department of Energy, so you can cuddle and save big.

Welcome your Valentine with a Warm and Cozy Home

With a smart thermostat, you’ll not only be able to control the temperature from the comfort of your own home, but you’ll be able to do it while you’re out and about. By turning down the heat while you’re away, you’ll save big on your energy bill. Though, you can still come home to a warm house. A smart thermostat will allow you to turn your heat back on with your mobile device. Remote controlling won’t just make your life easier– it’ll regulate your house to prevent unnecessary spending on heating an empty home. And thus, will help keep that money in your wallet.

Track Your Energy Usage; Save Big for that Special Date

Most smart thermostats will let you track your energy usage through either the thermostat’s screen, or through its mobile app. Through this, you’ll be able to create an energy profile that will track your energy usage history, how your usage has changed over time, and your projected spendings for the future. With easy access to this information, you’ll further be able to properly and effectively change your heating and cooling preferences to decrease your energy costs even more. It’s an easy way for you and your family to access savings at your fingertips.

Build You & Your Lovebird a more Comfortable NEST®

By upgrading and/or installing NEST® devices (like their thermostat), you’re guaranteed to save big on both your heating and cooling- by up to 12 percent. These thermostats will also turn themselves off while you’re away, can be controlled from anywhere, and have saved preference settings for you and your family’s desired heating and cooling settings. There’s no easier way to save.NEST® thermostats will be your wingman this Valentine’s & can do all of your energy saving work, so you don’t have to– especially during your romantic date.

Give Your Home a Valentine This Year

If you want to show your home some love this year, why not let us professionals here at Revise help you out? We’ll help to install that brand new smart thermostat, so you can heat your home easily from wherever, whenever. Our goal is to help you save big this year on bills– and with our quick and easy installation, you and your family (and of course, any Valentine you may have) can start your journey towards savings today. Schedule an appointment with us now at 877-454-5737.