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It’s tax season and for many that means using their refund to consider renovation projects. Whether you’re looking to sell your home or just know the long-term benefits of making green upgrades, we’re here to help. Using these simple tips for energy efficiency, here’s how you can take your home and make it that much more appealing to your potential buyers. The best part? You could be simultaneously getting some tax credits on your renovations. Or maybe, you’re in the market for a new home this spring and want to keep an eye out for a home that already has energy efficiency built in.

Thinking of Buying? Consider an EEM

If you’re a potential buyer, consider looking into an EEM, also known as an Energy Efficient Mortgage, when purchasing your next home. An EEM is a type of loan product that allows its borrowers to reduce their utility bill costs by including the cost it takes to incorporate energy-efficient features into a new housing purchase. This can also be used as a loan for current homeowners looking to improve their homes as well. So, if your new home doesn’t seem energy efficient, an EEM can ensure that you’re able to take the next steps towards cutting your utility bill costs, and make you and your family’s lifestyle more energy-conscious.

Track Your Energy Usage; Save Big for that Special Date

Most smart thermostats will let you track your energy usage through either the thermostat’s screen, or through its mobile app. Through this, you’ll be able to create an energy profile that will track your energy usage history, how your usage has changed over time, and your projected spendings for the future. With easy access to this information, you’ll further be able to properly and effectively change your heating and cooling preferences to decrease your energy costs even more. It’s an easy way for you and your family to access savings at your fingertips.

Install Solar Panels

If you’re willing to go big on your home’s energy efficiency, consider installing solar panels on your home’s roof. Solar panels can increase your home’s perceived property value by up to 39 percent (according to the National Association of Realtors in 2018). Keep in mind that due to the cost of solar panels, this is best for homeowners hoping to increase the value of their home for the long term, rather than a quick increase to their resale value.

Make Your Home Smarter. Get Smart Technology

Installing smart technology is incredibly appealing to those looking for a new home. Devices like smart thermostats that you can control through scheduling and your smartphone are among the top devices that buyers are looking for in potential new homes, especially for those who see themselves as “tech savvy.” These buyers will be open and willing to pay more for your home upon seeing these installations, and without leaving a huge dent in your wallet. These devices are cost-effective upgrades when you compare to other sale-prep renovations you may be doing.

Enhance Your Attic Insulation

Enhancing your attic insulation will prevent any future emergency repairs that new homeowners will have to do in terms of heating and cooling their home. If you choose to reinstall new insulation and/or have energy consultants come take a look at your home’s insulation, potential buyers (and your realtor) will likely notice your home’s low maintenance. This can also ease fears of hidden problems and will play a big part in convincing buyers that your home is their perfect fit. If you’re looking for a low cost, yet quality option for insulation installation, Revise has you covered.

Switch over to LED Lightbulbs and Smart Extension Cords

Though small, switching your small devices in your home to more energy-conscious ones, like your extension cords and lightbulbs, will help you save even more money in the meantime while your house is on the market, and, energy-conscious buyers will flock towards your home first. By being aware of your home’s energy efficiency, it’ll save potential buyers the hassle of looking into energy conservation themselves – and thus, making your home that much more attractive and enticing.

To find out about your home’s energy value, scheduling a virtual no-cost energy assessment is the first step. A certified energy auditor, like Revise, can help you figure out the parts of your home that need an energy upgrade. We can make recommendations for a greener home—and many times at great rates or with big rebates. If you’re interested in getting started, schedule an appointment with us at (877) 454-5737 to start your home’s sale preparations.